Friday, August 14, 2009

What is a "good" throwback jersey?

I'm driving to work this morning thinking about the throwback jerseys that the Mets are wearing tonight. Click on the link to see the photo from a previous post. The Mets are honoring the 1905 World Champion New York Giants team with these jerseys, but wearing an updated version in blue with a Mr. Met patch. I get that they're honoring New York's NL baseball past, and that's good, but I have a couple of ways that this could have been better.

  1. Mets are playing the Giants, a former NY NL team, right? Have both teams wear throwback jerseys for the games. Giants in their road jerseys (or even home jerseys) from the 1950s when they were the New York Giants playing at the Polo Grounds, and the Mets in their 1962 jerseys from when they played at the Polo Grounds.

  2. When the Mets host the Dodgers, go with the NY Cubans of the Negro Leagues for the Mets and Brooklyn Dodgers road jerseys (or even home jerseys) from 1947 when Jackie Robinson broke into the big leagues.

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