This page will soon feature every embedded audio file published on this blog. Most of these audio clips I recorded from my walkman to my PC right from WFAN. Hopefully there's no copyright issues.

I hope the embedded files play in your browser. Update: I'm now using HTML5 to play the audio clips.

Gary Cohen at the 1998 Olympics Men's Ice Hockey tournament (CBS Radio):
Czech Republic wins the Men's Ice Hockey Gold Medal

Czech goalie Dominik Hasek with 3 great saves against the U.S.

Gary Cohen behind the mic calling some late 3rd period action.

Mike Modano scores for Team USA

Mikhail Shtalenkov with a save for Russia

Petr Svoboda with a goal for the Czech Republic

raw audio from Spring Training 1998 (WFAN Radio):
WFAN's first broadcast of the spring with Bob Murphy at the mic

Bob Murphy leading into a commercial

6 1/2 minutes of play-by-play and conversation between Bob Murphy and Gary Cohen

Another game opening on WFAN in Spring Training 1998, with Gary Cohen as the lead and Bob Murphy as the #2 announcer.

WWOR TV's "Fresh From Florida" opening (unfortunately, it's only the audio) with Gary Thorne and Tim McCarver opening "Mets Baseball '98".

A short highlight from Tim McCarver and Gary Thorne on WWOR TV. Pitcher Paul Wilson with a basehit.

Another short highlight from Tim McCarver calling a homerun. I always loved how small and intimate the crowd sounds here.

Opening Day 1998
Bob Murphy and Gary Cohen's intro

The winning hit from Opening Day 1998 at Shea

Bob Murphy's intro from the first ever Mets game (not originally mine)

They win the damned thing (not originally mine)

Bob Murphy speaks about Shea Stadium

No Hitter speak
Howie laments the loss of a no hitter in 2011

WFAN call of the Johan Santana No Hitter (June 1, 2012)

Game 6
starting at Bottom of the 10th

starting at Kevin Mitchell's at-bat

starting at Mookie Wilson's at-bat

starting after the Wild Pitch

Game 7
Knight's 7th inning Home Run (this one is a little grainy)

The final out