Saturday, August 8, 2009

September Training

Earlier today, I invented a new vocabulary word, "September Training'. By now, you've all have a chance to memorize it and create flash cards.

Tonight is the unofficial start to September Training. Former minor league starting pitcher and until now-Major League relief pitcher Bobby Parnell gets the start. All indications are that this is an evaluation of his skill and talent in a starting pitcher role to see what they may or may not have for 2010.

This is a good thing. The 2009 team never had a chance (though lots of us want to think that they did), and with 1/4 of the season to go, the focus is off 2009. Injured vetrans are on the waiver wire-trading block. We're giving someone who really is still a prospect (even with almost 3/4 of this season in the bullpen) a chance to show what he has, with a complete focus on 2010.

This is what September Training is (just not with a September callup in the physical month of September). An evaluation of what you have in the farm system (or even misplaced on the roster) BEFORE starting to rebuild for next season. It makes that job that much easier, and this is a better evaluation than Spring Training is.

Come September, when the minor league seasons are over, we'll get a look at a few prospects filling out the 40 man roster, and we can see what these guys are all about. To create roster spots, some aging free agents-to-be veterans will be traded (before the post-season roster freeze on September 1), and some injured players will just be shut down for the season (Reyes? Beltran?).

Rebuilding is the right direction for the Mets. Out with the old, injured veterans, and in with the new, younger crop of talent. I just wish they'd go a different direction from Omar Minaya since it didn't quite work out they way they hoped with him over the past 4 years.

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