Sunday, August 2, 2009

I'm back from the game in time to watch it live on TV

Let's hope there's something (refund, free ticket) for the fans who both would and wouldn't wait out a 2 1/2 hour rain delay. If there's not, it's certainly going to push me closer and closer to stopping going to game entierly (except for GKR games, I can't turn away from them).

At least I got in just before the rain started. Got in the LF gate, through the Blue Smoke line, and over to the RF escalator on the Field Level to find a rail to eat on in all of 10 minutes, never got wet, and it was pouring while I ate.

But I got to see how the concourse levels hold the crowd during a rain delay. It wasn't bad. Having that nice open area behind home plate on the Promenade (call it "Casey Stengel Plaza") kind of hurts in that you're limited to walking on one side or the other unless you want to get wet. There just isn't much to do under cover other than sit on the ground or stairs, wait, and walk around. Some areas filled up, and others seemed pretty open (like by the top of the Rotunda).

I left when my friend (and my ride, though we left me the option of taking the subway/train home to NJ) and his young daughter decided just before 2pm that they had enough. I was home in time (after running a few errands) to watch the game live on TV. At least this wasn't a night game.

Damned if Pelfrey throws a No Hitter today.