Friday, August 14, 2009

So when is there enough Mets stuff at Citi Field?

Tonight we got our first glimpse of the new-look Citi Field, and I don't mean the ugly former-NY Giant 1905 uniforms that the Mets are wearing. Those jerseys are subject to another rant in another post. But we do get to see, on TV for most, in person for some, new pictures or murals of players and moments in Mets history, the championship banners on the OF wall, and new video screens showing live action for people in obstructed view seats.

First, I'd like to see some photos. will probably get them before RememberingShea does, and I'll link over there. Other sites as well.
Update: 8:28pm - Neil Best over at Newsday talks about the improvements in his blog.

But let me pose the question to my readers - how much do they need to put in for it to be "enough" for your tastes? Some will probably say it was never a problem, and that's fine. Some may never be satisfied, and that's fine too. Most will probably be somewhere in the middle. For me, I'd like to see what they did. In earlier today, Matt Cerrone talks a little bit about it but also is a bit of a skeptic.
do the Mets seem to be shying away from their traditional blue and orange... first, these pictures and the ones outside are all black and white, muting the vivid uniform we’ve come to know and love... second, if you notice, the blue and orange they do incorporate around the ballpark is actually the dark navy-blue and red-orange from the Citigroup color scheme...

I'd like to see some of the vinyl hangings on the concourses as well (like what was inside Shea, but I know there isn't as much dead space as there was in Shea) and some more visible Mets logos on the field. I'd also like to get a look at what they did put there, and maybe there's more than we've heard so far (pictures please!).

But again, the question to my loyal readers - how much is enough for you?

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