Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bugs Bunny Changeup

I just heard Joe Magrane on MLB Network refer to someone's pitch as a "Bugs Bunny changeup". I'd love to hear more about that and maybe see an example. Maybe Harold Reynolds can explain the Daffy Duck stolen base (maybe they can do it simultaneously since I imagine it's a pitch to steal on).

Update 10:54pm - Thanks to an anonymous poster, a video showing Bugs Bunny in action.

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  1. See this famous cartoon - "Baseball Bugs" ...
    You'll see Bugs pitching ... that's where the term comes from. He has a special pitch...

    You'll see baseball players in a conga line scoring runs ... looks like the pitcher is one of the Mets ...

  2. thank you for that. Seeing Bugs in action really explained it.