Friday, August 21, 2009

How far we have fallen - the 3rd quarter report

First, remember where we all were 13 weeks ago and 6 1/2 weeks ago.

After 41 games: 22-19, a team that I didn't think was much more than a .500 club
After 81 games: 39-42 (17-23 over the 2nd quarter), a team that showed all the signs of having a bad summer
After 121 games: 56-65 (17-23 over the 3rd quarter), a team who's season is all but done.
If that projection keeps up, it could be a 20 game dropoff from last season - you don't recover from that with the same personnel making decisions.

This quarter hasn't been good for the New York Mets. More injuries, more embarrasment, more bad play. It's easy to blame things on the injuries, but there have been players largely uninjured playing poorly (or at least before their injuries). Off the field seemed to be just as bad as on the field. Tony Bernazard, new things to see at Citi Field (too little, too late for me), more bad luck injuries (can't blame the trainers for someone blowing a tendon doing the splits covering first or getting beaned in the head by a fastball). The Mets have all but said that they're done, but not admitting it directly so they can still try to sell tickets (what a joke that whole area has turned out to be).

What is there to look forward to? The end of 90 degree temps and the end of the humid nights? A few September callups showing us what we had in the farm system that wasn't worth trading? People begging on the street for someone to buy or just take their tickets from tonight's game? Hockey, Football, and Basketball seasons? Spring Training 2010 vacations?

Pitchers and catchers in less than 6 months!

I don't even know what else I can say at this point. It's over, something I really knew for a few months now, so just play out the schedule rather than taking a forfeit. Let's come back and fix things both inside and out for 2010. When I return to Queens for my first game next year (my only game?), I want to feel like I'm back in the home of the Mets after being homeless for a season.

My advice: take the family on vacation before school starts (or maybe just yourself before school starts, or maybe that doesn't matter), and don't worry about missing the Mets while you're gone.

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