Thursday, April 16, 2009

something to lighten the mood

I guess Fred Wilpon IS going ahead with his ideas of building a new Mets Hall of Fame at Chez Amazin'. That's a good thing. I'm sure he'll have great Mets players like Duke Snider and Gil Hodges. Way to think ahead on this one, Freddy! Even WFAN hosts were getting on you for the lack of Mets stuff at new Chez, and this while they're at the other ballpark's Opening Day.

Based on the feedback on other blogs, maybe not everyone cares about that. Take a page from the New Jersey Devils (the last team to open a major league sports venue in the NY/NJ area since the Meadowlands Arena opened in 1981). I walked in there, the for the very first hockey game they played there, and I knew two things. I was in a hockey arena (with all the local High School Hockey jerseys on the wall), and I was there to see the Devils (with beautiful artwork painted on some walls). I didn't get that feeling when I walked into the Jackie Robinson Rotunda from the Ebbets Field-looking entrance, into something that made me think Arthur Ashe stadium (not that any of those things are bad).

The new Yankee Stadium is opening today. Good for those fans. They get what we all deserve. A ballpark that feels like home, and with a big screen TV in the middle of the living room. The Onion may well have an article today saying that the recent Yankee Stadium was being moved over to Yogi's museum to be a permanent exhibit.

And according to the Onion, even Mr. Met is having some trouble there.