Friday, April 24, 2009

Down in Front

Shannon Shark, the Mets Police Chief, over at has been keeping track of some obstructed views in the 500s section. When I first heard about obstructed views, or just bad vantage points in the stadium, and I guess this was a few weeks ago (before anyone got a chance to see for themselves), I never imagined seeing paying customers in the front rows subject to that kind of problem. But here it is, seemingly well documented. And I've learned in the past few weeks that I shouldn't be surprised about anything that the Mets have done.

I'm a bit curious what the obstructions are for the 400s (I can tell my piece of it tomorrow), and even in the lower areas (if anyone's actually sitting there).

I hate having to get on the Mets organization, but it seems like everything they do or say turns to shit. It's like a marriage or job that's really just meant to end.

Speaking of things ending, I saw this note the Daily News, courtesy of presented by Verizon (don't get me started there) about possible major shakeups in the pitching rotation and/or coaching staff. A shakeup could be an act of desperation, or it could be the best thing that happens to the team all year (remember the coaching changes that happened to the 1999 Mets that seemed to spark that club). Just be careful how you handle this - the last time the Mets had a change like that, well, mistakes were made (remember that late night in Anaheim last June).