Monday, April 6, 2009

Opening Day

It's Opening Day. This offseason has seemed very long. They always seem long. I like Opening Day. It's a fresh start. Look at the newspaper (kids may ask what a newspaper is) - today is usually the first day the standings are printed, with the upcoming starting pitchers. And it's all "0"s. Coming into the evening, every team is even on that one piece of paper (while they're hardly even on the pundit's papers).

I'll take a page from's Opening Day post and say we should all sing "Meet the Mets".

Opening Day still has a different feel since Bud Selig gave it the Jewish Holiday treatment by starting the holiday the night before the common calendar date. But the real opening day is the one with the parade in Cincinnati and the first pitch of the day coming from there (which they finally got right this year). The real Opening Day is the one with lots of otherwise-random Monday afternoon games. Opening Day is a day when ESPN goes to work to televise many games (though I do miss their concept of "alternate" games since they always seem to pick Mets and Yankees games to be blacked out here).

Happy Opening Day!