Saturday, April 25, 2009

coming soon

A post on my thoughts Chez Amazin' after my 2nd trip today to come soon. I need to get the pictures up first and go through my notes. But for the game itself...

Pelfrey pitched pretty good. Not terriffic for the entire game, but he's building his arm up and working through his injuries. As has been the case in most games, a couple really good innings, but not enough of them, and then some runs and he's out. Today it wasn't a problem because the Mets capitalized on a few Washington errors. That's always a good sign, but they couldn't manufacture much outside of those gifts. Brian Stokes is supposed to be our long man, isn't he? He barely got through his second inning of work closing the game. If he was a reliable long man, he would have pitched 5 innings last Sunday instead of having to lose 2 players from the roster to get a fill in from Buffalo.

I'm also starting to think that David Wright has some sort of shoulder injury. He's bouncing his throws to first, making it harder for Delgado, and not swinging the bat well. I can't put my finger on it, but maybe there's some injury that's lingering and he's playing through, or something they don't know yet.

Thoughts on the park and game experience to come.