Friday, April 24, 2009

a great irony

I can't take credit for coming up with these points of irony at Chez Amazin'. I can barely take credit for having found them on other people's blogs. But they need to be pointed out, just to get the facts all on the table, about Shiti Field.

One comes from Dana Brand, noted author, in his review from being at Citi Field during it's first live week, talking about the Jackie Robinson Rotunda:
    It’s wonderful to commemorate him in the new Mets stadium, although I am more than a little struck by the irony of commemorating Robinson so dramatically in the first Mets stadium that contains extensive areas that are completely off-limits to fans who have not paid an exorbitant amount for their ticket.

The other, to put icing on that cake, comes from The Eddie Kranepool Society's review of the ballpark and Jackie Robinson Rotunda (JRR) from Sunday:
    There was one drawback to the JRR that left me dumb struck. There are two escalators leading up to the field levels. My son and I were in deep conversation and just walking to the escalator closest to us. As we ready to step on the moving stair case a "Hospitality Agent" asked to see our tickets. When she saw Promenade on them she smirked and said "this escalator is for Club Members only" so in this grand entrance dedicated to a man who fought against prejudice and for inclusion of all, there exists segregation of the fans The escalators might as well be marked "SWELLS" and "GREAT UNWASHED"

I think at this point, the Mets might as well finish clearing the rubble that was Shea Stadium, and start sketching out plans for a new ballpark that fixes all the problems of this brand new one, put it on the site of Shea, and start building - fast. I hesitate to say that fans should offer their input - remember what happened when Homer Simpson was asked to design a new car by his new-found half-brother.