Friday, April 24, 2009

My game tomorrow

I am heading out to Chez Amazin' tomorrow morning for my first official game since the Shea finale last September. That's almost 7 months, but who's counting. And it doesn't include paying my last respects to Shea on Jan. 31, my games in Spring Training 4 weeks ago, or the Saturday Red Sox exhibition game 3 weeks ago.

But my plan for tomorrow is to arrive early, head to the LF gate, where I was told that you may enter the ballpark 2 1/2 hours before the game, try to see what BP is like, get more familiar with the stadium, and then sit fixated in my seat for 8 1/2 or more innings keeping score like I always do, and then get out as quick as possible (I need to have my dad home to NJ by 6).

I should have pictures. I want to see what the obstructions are like from the season seats that I bought into in the RF Promenade "boxes" (400s). And I really want to have a positive review of the ballpark. I want to look for good things instead of bad ones. Unless of course, there's a new observation or an incident. I can't help what I write about for the game itself, but I really want to be positive because for better or worse, this is the ballpark I'll call home probably for the rest of my baseball life (or close to it).