Tuesday, April 14, 2009

some thoughts on Opening Day and Opening Week

Some thoughts. I'll preface it by saying that I haven't watched every pitch of the season (either live or replay/archived game). Same with last night's home opener, I had other things to do and only caught parts of the game.

  • Weren't we supposed to feel better about this club than we did about the .500 ballclub we had last year? As a whole, I don't. It's only 6 games. We shall see. If the Mets of recent years have taught me anything, it's a lot easier to blow a lead than it is to come back from a deficit.

  • From last night's game...
  • I watched the pregame stuff on TV. At least I saw what SNY wanted us to see. Was there more? What was all that booing after the players were introduced? (I think I read later that it was the politicians) All I saw was the Mets player intros, a commercial break, and Seaver/Piazza. And people said the closing ceremony at Shea was lame. Update, 8:14pm - metsgrrl.com has a good write-up on the game with some awesome photos of some of the pregame that SNY left out.

  • I did notice, finally, a Mets logo behind home plate in the grass. Nice. Now we know who plays there.

  • I heard or read something that the green seats, and even the black/orange color scheme on the outfield wall are nods to the old Polo Grounds. Nice touch. It isn't Shea, and it wasn't the 500 ft. Center Field that I had wanted from the Polo Grounds, but at least it's not all Brooklyn Dodgers in there.

  • Maybe I just didn't see it - where are the Championship banners and flags inside the stadium? You know, the banners that were next to the RF foul poll at Shea, and the flags that flew high above CF there. I'll have to look harder on Wednesday night. They weren't there for the Boston series.

  • From some of the aerial shots, that area behind the CF scoreboard actually reminds me of the grounds at the Tennis Center, especially with that info booth or whatever it is sitting out there. That goes along with my commentary from last week that the ballpark has the feel of Arthur Ashe stadium.

  • Do something about that screen behind home plate. I won't consider sitting there until it's deemed safe. In the little bit that I watched, I saw not one, but two problems

    1. A foul ball comes back behind home plate, near the screen, and the Padres catcher goes over to make the play. How in the world is he able to get his arm around a fan in the first row and put that fan in a headlock, using the screen? I can see it happening over behind 1B or 3B, but not behind HP.

    2. I actually saw a pitch sail over the catcher's head, and found a hole inside the bottom of the screen and sneak into the front rows. I think those were the Madoff seats actually. Shouldn't happen.

    Get that screen fixed!


  1. all the flags were there. in right field. not much wind so they werent flying.American flag in left field caught more wind and was flying much more than the champion flags in right.the ball that some how came through the fence behind home plate was recovered by none other than Mayor Bloomberg! he got a great round of applause from all of us near his section as he held the ball up, like any fan would!

  2. thanks. i think the flag poles in right shouldn't be so high - they block the some views of the big scoreboard and the big Pepsi sign. i figured that's where the championship flags would be. no signs of the banners that used to be on the Shea wall?

    i thought i heard that it was the Mayor who caught that pitch. it was late in the game too, wasn't it? good for him for staying till the end. imagine if that went bad, or he was the one caught in the screen on the foul ball-headlock.