Friday, April 17, 2009

My Doc...My Uncle, Doc

In the feedback that I've read about the new ballpark, one thing that I've heard is that Shea had memories, and we'll create new memories at Citi Field.

Well, tonight, just a few minutes ago, we had our first "Citi Field Memory" created, as newcommer Gary Sheffield becomes the first person to hit his 500th Home Run wearing a Mets uniform. His 1st as a Met, and the first person to hit his 500th HR as the first with a new club.

You can see the highlight on, after which you get highlights from the entire game. Their videos aren't embedable, and I didn't feel it worth my time to capture the moment and put it on YouTube since MLB would have ordered it down pretty quickly.

He still has a little ways to go to catch his uncle, Doc Gooden, for the family's lead in Home Runs as a New York Met. Doc hit 7 over 10+ seasons with the Mets. Sheffield now has 1, in 10 games in a Mets uniform coming off the bench.