Sunday, April 26, 2009

My take on seeing a game at Citi Field - part 2

I said I was going to write something positive. I have to about that...

The Mets won, but I covered that.

I got in for batting practice, but the Mets didn't hit. I still got an autograph, but I covered that.

The weather was beautiful, but I covered that.

Wait, I got one... The ballpark looks pretty when you can look past the watching the game (no pun intented).

My seat was a tad more comfortable than my Shea seats, and it came with a cup holder. I've heard this on other blogs - where was that extra leg room? That seems to have been missing. Now that I think harder, I was just as comfortable/uncomfortable sitting in my seat at Citi Field as I was at Shea, except that I didn't think about needing a seat cushion.

The food. I'm a simple person, but I'll get around to trying things someday. I looked at a "Hot Dog" stand, and no fries, so I turned 50 feet to my right, to a "Burgers & Fries" stand (I think that's what it was called), and they had both hot dogs and fries. That kind of thing is important to me. The hot dogs had good snap to them, though they were kind of small. I was happy with that. I'm usually happy with Nathan's anyway. I really do want to get around and sample other food.

I should say that I like the design of the signs that they use for marking team stores and concession stands on the concourses. It is very stylish, and kind of fits into the design scheme of the ballpark.

The patio area behind home plate in the Upper Deck is nice, but I wish they'd put a scoreboard or TV screen so fans can see what's going on. It appears to be one of very few concourses that is NOT open to seeing into the field (or out to the other side's stands) in the entire ballpark.

Shady areas, especially out in LF on the Field Level concourse, seem like a good place to hang out if the sun bothers you, while right next to it is a great sunny area in CF. I also think it will be real interesting to see the first rain delay (especially if there's a packed house) and see how much the concourses swell up, considering the Upper Deck has this big patio separating the two covered concourses.

I'll post some final thoughts later.

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