Sunday, February 1, 2009

Remembering Shea - all together now

I think I've covered everything that I saw at the Shea site yesterday. I met a bunch of people. Others that I wanted to meet were also there. One I didn't mention yet, who also got some good shots of both ballparks from the subway platform was "The Flushing Fotographer", who sent some images to I also found photos from Chris Swann himself. I wish I got more shots of the crowd and I wish I made it over to the 1B side of Shea to see it (although the slideshow from the subway ride out covered it).

If anyone knows the name of the local Queens newspaper that was interviewing people (myself included), I'd love to know what it is so I can post to it and see what I said.

Between the different reporters I talked to, I got asked about Citi Field (at a Shea rememberance event) and a lot of my memories from Shea.

I know I've spent more time writing about Saturday's event than I did actually being there and getting there (even with 4 hours of travel included). Keep following for discussion (I'll post there too if I can get my account fixed).

If you've been following my blog since yesterday (and thanks to Chris to linking to me on and Kingman on for linking to me as well, plus NYSportsDog and anyone else I'm forgetting about), please check all the pages again. I've updated most of them with something since the original post.

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