Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mets Spring TV/Radio Schedule

Based on data entered into for the 16 Grapefruit League teams, this is the Mets TV/Radio schedule for Spring Training. As a matter of completeness, all games, including exhibition games, are listed. I list broadcasts from other teams as well as reference because they will be available to MLB.TV subscribers. Radio stations that are not WFAN or WADO belong to the other team.
Updated 2/24

2/25@ Baltimore1:05pmWJZ
2/26vs. Florida1:10pmSNYWFAN
2/27vs. St. Louis1:10pmSNY, MLB NetworkWFAN
2/28@ Detroit1:05pmWXYT
3/1vs. Houston1:10pmWPIX (live), MLB Network (TD 9pm)KTRH
3/3vs. St. Louis1:10pmSNYKTRS
3/4@ Washington1:05pm
3/5vs. Team Italy (WBC)2:05pm
3/6@ St. Louis1:05pm
3/7vs. Washington1:10pmWPIX
3/8vs. Univ. of Michigan12:10pm
3/8@ Washington1:05pmWFAN
3/9vs. Baltimore1:10pmSNY, MLB Network
3/10@ Washington1:05pmWFED
3/12vs. Florida7:10pmSNY
3/13@ Detroit1:05pm
3/14vs. Washington1:10pmWFAN, WFED
3/15@ Florida1:05pmWFAN, WAXY, WQAI (Sp.)
3/17@ Atlanta1:05pm
3/18vs. Atlanta1:10pmSNY, MLB Network
3/19vs. Houston1:10pmSNYKBME
3/20@ Baltimore1:05pmWJZ
3/21@ Atlanta1:05pmWFAN, WGST
3/22vs. Atlanta1:10pmSNYWGST, WADO (Sp.)
3/24@ Houston1:05pmFox Sports Houston, MLB NetworkKBME
3/25vs. Detroit1:10pmSNY, MLB Network
3/26@ St. Louis1:05pmKTRS
3/27vs. Washington7:10pmSNY
3/28vs. Florida1:10pmWPIXWFAN, WAXY, WAQI (Sp.)
3/29@ Baltimore1:05pmWJZ
3/30vs. Baltimore7:10pmSNY
3/31@ Florida1:05pmWFAN
4/1@ St. Louis1:05pm
4/2vs. Baltimore1:10pm