Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Name that Ballpark

I added a new poll to my site, asking what you'd rather see as the name of the new ballpark, in the case that the "Citi Field" name does not last.

As much as we like these names, the reality is that any name on this list is TEMPORARY until a new sponsor can be found. In that sense, the ballpark could be named almost anything (and I won't begin guessing).

  • (the new) Shea Stadium (or "Shea Stadium II" in the parlance of how Wikipedia notes ballparks that seem to have moved to been rebuild, such as the Polo Grounds)

  • Shea Field (because "Field" is already in the name of the ballpark's very large signs)

  • Mets Field

  • Sterling Field

  • Jackie Robinson Field

  • other

If there's another option, let's hear it...

Update: Check out the comments section for another very good sugestion.


  1. This whole "what should we name the new place" dilemma just continues to boggle my mind. The answer is just so blatantly obvious.

    How about "Gil Hodges Field". It only makes the most sense.

    Brooklyn Dodgers cornerstone and rock solid citizen; original MET (what a coincidence....); and the guy who pulled this franchise from laughing stock to World Champions.

    Somebody tell me why (other than the greedily obvious reason...) this NEVER gets any discussion or mention.

    And believe me when I say it would probably end all the heartache over him not reaching the Hall of Fame. Or...

    ....it could lead to correcting THAT travesty as well.

    Gil Hodges Field. End of discussion.

    Paul Farash

  2. I like that. I've read it in a few places today. If I could edit the poll, I'd add the name. I'd love to see someone pony up the cash to get the naming rights and go with "Gil Hodges Field" (or "Gil Hodges Stadium").

  3. As a temporary solution for the "Citi" fiasco - and I get a strong feeling that it's the Wilpons that want OUT from under THAT stigma, NOT the other way around - it's absolutely PERFECT. Only problem would be the public outcry and backlash once a NEW SPONSOR was found and the place is renamed. THAT wouldn't go over all that well...

    ...which is probably why it'll NEVER HAPPEN. What a shame.


  4. to be fair, this can't be good for EITHER side. and the mets did nothing wrong and they're getting a lot of bad press.

    i have a feeling that all the ticket brochures and pocket schedules this year have "Citi Field" on them as the theme, and that would look really BAD if they can't use it.