Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tickets, please!

Does anyone else find it interesting that the annual Mets ticket brochure mailing mentions nothing about individual game tickets?

It has a nice schedule printed in a pretty big font, and a really large seating chart for Citi Field with all 100 sections/color codes (I think that's also up on It's about time they made it large enough to read.

There's info about season and the partial ticket plans. But nothing about individual game tickets. The schedule itself marks which games belong to which ticket package(s). At least we don't have that color code for different premium values on different games.

I also find it interesting that the seating chart in print doesn't have home plate in the middle with LF on the left and RF on the right. This one has home plate and its seating area in the lower right side. It just looks weird that way.

While I'm here, I'll say (again) that I've never liked the names "Excelsior Leve", "Caesars Club", "Promenade Level", or "Promenade Club". I'll give them "Sterling Level", "Delta Club", "Metropolitan Box", and "Ebbets Club".