Monday, February 2, 2009

The "old" Shea

This is how I choose to remember Shea. This is from a 1991 game (televised on Channel 9 with Tim McCarver and Ralph Kiner) that SNY is airing tonight (Straw's return to Shea with the Dodgers). The teams from the early 90's weren't worth remembering.

The outfield walls and other padding were BLUE (complete from that whole makeover from the 1980s). There were NO ads on the wall - instead, it was the championship "banners" and "banners" from the teams in the National League. Very view ads outside of the Scoreboard and Diamond Vision screen were even visible anywhere in the ballpark.

And even the TV broadcast was visibly clean (except for the graphics and logos that SNY attached). I just love how simplistic the graphics for going to commercial were in those days. There wasn't a lot of chatter on the broadcast. You could HEAR the ballpark (and the organ playing "charge" when a player stepped out). And the music played before a commercial break was soft elevator music. Just so different from today's games.