Saturday, January 31, 2009

Remembering Shea - all together now - part 3

One of the items of the day that came up on some of the other blogs was that there was an impromptu press conference with Chris Swann and some of the reporters that came out, just asking questions about what we're doing (I don't really remember any questions being asked, but I was photographed on another blog standing next to a cameraman from This is Chris in the middle of the photo with the '69 on the sleeve.

At the end, someone suggested that we sing both "Meet the Mets" and then chanting "Let's Go Mets".

My videos cover just a piece of each. That is partially because I didn't know it was coming, and partially because I had gloves on (it was below freezing today) and couldn't operate the camera buttons (to change from photo to video and start/stop) fast enough.

Meet the Mets

Let's Go Mets

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