Tuesday, February 10, 2009

new poll question

I posted a new poll-question on the right-hand side of the page.

In it, I ask what was your favorite place to sit and watch a game at Shea. You can choose multiple answers. Some people had many places they liked to sit. It also solicits answers on different levels (no pun intended):
  • Field Level, Loge, Mezzanine, Upper Deck, Picnic Area
  • Left Field, 3rd Base, Home Plate area, 1st Base, Right Field
  • Box seats from Loge/Mezz/Upper, Front rows/boxes (behind the aisle in Loge/Mezz/Upper or the front half of the Field Boxes, closer to the dugout), Back rows/boxes (back rows under cover in Loge/Mezz, high up in the Upper Deck, or the back half of the Field Boxes, closer to the Loge)
  • suites, pressbox, broadcast booth, dugout - if you answer this, please explain - give a story or background as to why you sat there and if you're a notable person, also indicate who you are