Saturday, January 31, 2009

Remembering Shea - all together now - part 4

One thing about today's visit to Shea was seeing Citi Field. There was much discussion about the naming rights. I noted to a few people that just from a practical perspective, IF the naming right had to change, they couldn't just change the signs to a new name as if you were writing on a blackboard (the comparison I came up with now). Those signs are big, and as people pointed out, several of them. Chris also noted that the rows of seats alternate with a Mets sticker or a Citi Field sticker (which are already starting to peel - what an omen). Lots of logos to change - or in my estimation, just covering up the "Citi" logo and calling the place "Field" (as in, we're going to "Field" to see a Mets game).

From being there, I managed to get these photos of what's still called Citi Field.

The full album is here on webshots

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