Friday, July 10, 2009

This sickens me more than any other

Of all the "lack of Mets history" rants that I've gone on this year with the setup of Chez Amazin', this one sickens me more than any other.

From comes this paragraph
This afternoon on WFAN, co-host Evan Roberts said, according to people he has talked to in the organization, the Mets do not have an Old-Timer’s Game, ‘because it’s too much work.’

What a poor excuse! But then again, the Wilpons are poor excuses for baseball owners. "too much work" just makes me sick.

So what if every living able-bodied former Mets player and coach descended on the site of the former Shea Stadium all at once and decided to play a pick-up baseball game using the base markings that are nicely laid out in the parking lot? You think the Wilpons would have them banished from the site? Or would the invite fans and charge admission to see it first-hand?

It's also good to know that the Mets Police are on this one too. Maybe can get a letter writing campaign going.