Wednesday, July 8, 2009

An idea for a Mets fans' Mutiny

Watch this clip. After watching it, I found double meaning. I just wanted to post it because a 3 second piece of it was used in a video at Shea (I'll swear it goes back to the early '90s at Shea unchanged to the final day) prompting fans to make some noise and chant "LET'S GO METS".

After seeing the clip, it probably covers our feelings as fans right now and could make for a great mutiny (something I was jokingly thinking about last week). It looks weird seeing that 3 second clip in the context of a movie.

Thanks to Michael Ganci from The Daily Stache for providing the quote. I was actually trying to remember it so I could find the video. The video is from a movie called "Network" from 1976.