Sunday, July 5, 2009

Random Thoughts

While I start to get ready to write my mid-season review after today's game, I will share a few random thoughts. Forgive me if I've said these before.

  • If you're into hamburgers or cheeseburgers, get the double Shack burger at the Shake Shack. The ribs from Blue Smoke are good too. I tried a Brooklyn burger. Nothing special.

  • Most seats at Citi Field have some obstruction. on Tuesday will post a few of my pics from the first game of the St. Louis series from 2 weeks ago. LF seats, those damn plexiglass barriers and the rails blocked the parts LF that I could see, and the mere fact that those seats are closer to the field caused me to lose the view of the back half of LF and CF. But I could see RF for the first time after sitting down the RF line for 3 games, so that was good. Even the seats I was in for the last game against St. Louis had a slight obstruction from the plexiglass 11 rows back just off home plate in the Upper Deck.

  • Those patriotic hats weren't well thought out. Mets don't (yet) had red as a color, but they had the red hats. And playing the Phillies, red a primary color, also had the red hats. There are reasons why one team wears home white and the other road gray, or at the very least, both aren't wearing the same colored alternate jerseys. Remember the '86 playoffs when the Astros had white road jerseys? This weeked has been just as confusing.
    But here's my solution for the hats (which I do see as a good idea if it were well thought out) -- Our country's colors are RED, WHITE, and BLUE! Find the color from that set that best matches the team's normal hat color, or at least an official team color, and use that as a base for the patriotic-looking team logo. Mets would wear a blue hat, and the Phillies would wear a red hat. Some teams would be a bit off color, but at least it wouldn't be the visual chaos that we saw in Philly.

  • I like Gary, Keith, and/or Ron, but I need to listen to Howie and Wayne more. Only on radio can he get away with a joke about having the Philly Phanatic smash ALL of the Mets black batting helmets after describing the Phanatic's usual antics.

  • (I think I've noted this before) Anyone think it's coincidence that last year's sing along "I'm A Believer" is missing this year? How many of you could say "I'm A Believer" when it comes to the Mets and not be kidding yourself?