Saturday, July 18, 2009

Going Once, Going Twice, Gone!

While I recover from today (being on my feet walking around the warehouse for 6 hours is exhausting), download my photos, and gather my 4 pages of notes, I'll say this about today's Shea Stadium Memorabilia auction:

No sign of Fred or Jeff Wilpon buying back anything that belongs in Citi Field. So anything that goes to the new park will be brand new. I would have felt a little better knowing that artifacts of Mets history at Citi Field actually came from Shea, but I'll be happy with anything.

It also would have been really cool if MeiGray (the group that did the sale/auction for the memorabilia) also did the sale of the Shea seats. Then we all could have sat down in the Shea seats to do the Shea memorabilia auction.

It was long, it was interesting, and there were a couple of reporters there. I'll have to look for the write-up in the New York Times (I think the reporter was also a fan).