Sunday, July 5, 2009

If Baseball used Tennis's replays

I like watching the big Tennis tournaments, so here's a thought with that in mind.

Imagine baseball's replay system (or even football's) if they used the technology and speed used for replays at Wimbledon & the US Open?

"A pop up down the line. Sheffield over. It falls in fair territory. Utley to second standing. And Sheffield raises his hands asking for a review. Let's take a look Keith."
(replay system shows the ball landing just outside from the line, in foul territory, calling it "FOUL".)
"It's called out, Gar. Good eyes by Sheffield out there in left."
"So they'll replay the pitch."
"Mets caught a break there, Gar. They didn't have that in my day."
"Ronnie, as a pitcher, how does that affect you?"
"Uh.... Just treat it like you would if it were called foul in the first place."

Update 7/9 Gary and Ronnie on SNY had a play in this night's game against the Dodgers at was a candidate for this type of replay. Without mentioning this blog, or the specific (joking) example noted here, they did bring up the idea of the tennis replay in passing before having the thought put to bed by the showing of their sponsored replay.