Thursday, July 23, 2009

I have nothing to say and you can read it on Facebook

Well, where do I begin. I don't report game-to-game on the Mets, so I need to think of something to write or let stories fall in my lap. I've posted comments on the very weird Tony Bernazard story on a few other blogs over the past couple days.

About Tony B - he should be fired. Not just because of the allegations of his rough play with others. He's in charge of the minor leagues, and our top 2 minor league teams are in worse shape than the Mets top team is. Just like people think Omar Minaya should be fired because the Mets seemingly have no depth, Tony B should be fired for failing to do his job. But if any of these allegations are shown to be true, he should be fired just for that.

But knowing the dysfunctional Mets (and these incidents alone don't make the Mets dysfunctional), this matter will either be "under investigation" until we all forget about it, or they'll find no wrong doing on Tony B's part because Tony B is in tight with Jeff Wilpon, wannabe full-fledged Mets owner, and the crazy son of the silent owner gets his way.

On the field, I read on one of the great blogs an idea that the Mets start bringing up minor league prospects. It certainly can't hurt, but they'd have to make room on the roster. Oh but wait, don't we have minor leaguers on the roster? Time will tell, and the Mets will probably continue to fight, and fight poorly until September when the rosters expand.

Mets 2012: rejuvinated at 50.

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