Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Auction - conclusion

I went to the auction. It was good to be reconnected to some Mets history. I have a very very small part of it in my bedroom (in the form of signs) and my living room (Shea seats), but aside from that, I haven't felt that much (Mets) history or connection at any of the 6 trips I've made to Citi Field.

I got to talk to a few people, trying to figure out the source of tension at the auction and what's wrong with the Mets. I got quoted in the New York Times.

It's very sad to think that there were so many items that belong in Citi Field were sold or auctioned. I also think that today's auction was, in part, necessary because of the overpricing of the items when they were initially removed from Shea and sold. But I do like knowing that so many pieces of Shea have a home in someone's home and not in a scrap pile.

And I got to see some of the pieces of Shea Stadium probably for the final time. Certainly the final time I'd see it all together. This comes on the heels of the Mets dissing their history and Old Timer's Day (again). MetsPolice has that covered.

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