Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Very Interesting Feat

I wrote this on this site's wall on facebook last night.
Kudos to Mets radio announcer Howie Rose for working 2 complete game broadcasts today - 2 games on 2 different medium for 2 different sports in 2 states in 1 day (Mets game in Queens on WFAN Radio and Islanders game in Newark on MSG+ TV). I'm sure it's a rare feat for a broadcaster if it's even been done before.
Today, it seems that Howie is at it again. With 2 fewer hours between start times of the games (last night's game was a 7pm faceoff and tonight's was a 5pm faceoff), but with fewer miles to drive (and no big bridges to cross), Howie once again was able to call the first 6 innings of today's Mets game on WFAN radio and then tonight's Islanders game (their season finale) on MSG PLUS television. Calling complete games at 3 different venues in 2 days, plus 2/3 of a 4th game in that time is quite a feat.

Incidently, this is the 3rd time that Howie has attempted this feat in this hockey season. On the afternoon of the Islanders' opener, which was the Saturday of the final weekend of last baseball season, Howie worked the Mets 1:10pm game but had to leave during the rain delay to get to the Colliseum in time to make whatever pregame work he had for the hockey game, then calling the Islanders opener that night. He was back at Citi Field the next day for the Mets season finale. I attempted the same feat those same days with the same 2 Mets games, used the same excuse for leaving early on Saturday, but with the Devils game in place of the Islanders game.

I don't know how common this is for broadcasters with potential schedule conflicts, but any time they can pull it off, it's worth noting, especially on back-to-back days. Nice job Howie.

I'm trying to make more of an effort to listen to Howie and Wayne on WFAN this year. They're too good of a team to be passing up. It's certainly nothing against Gary, Keith, and/or Ron. It's more like a parent who needs to show love to all of their children.

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