Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mets HOF and Museum

I went to the Mets Hall of Fame and Museum for the first time today. I've heard about it. I've seen pictures of it. Today I saw it for myself for the first time. The word I use to describe it is "overwhelming". It really is. But in a good way. There's just so much to see. There are video displays all over the place. Jerseys, balls, bases, etc., on display. The World Series trophies and the Hall of Fame plaques were there of course. World Series rings from both of the Championship teams as well. So much that I don't think I could do justice describing it. If you're a Mets fan, you need to go and see for yourself!. Of everything that was there, this one struck me as the most interesting - that's Casey Stengel of course. It's not lifesize, but rather a miniature figure. It was in a bad place to be able to see it and photograph it well, right next to the window almost like a silouhette. I got this photo using my flash before I was scolded by a security person telling me that I can't use the flash.

Here's 2 other photos from an album that I'll post on facebook. I should note that I got to the park just a few minutes after 10:40 when the gates opened for a day game, and had no line going in. Leaving after visiting the team store about 30 minutes later, there was a line to get in. The physical space is a bit croweded, but they do have crowd control. I'm sure that I missed stuff. I'll go back another day. So much to see.

The one thing that I'll criticize about it is that they don't include every longtime voice of the Mets. They have Bob Murphy, Lindsey Nelson, and Ralph Kiner, but no Gary Cohen (who's been here longer than Nelson was), no Howie Rose (other than his expression that's seen below), and he's been here even longer if you count Mets Extra, and for that matter, Fran Healy worked more years than either of them (for now). Maybe the next improvement is to have a full broadcaster's wing in the Mets Hall of Fame. But maybe I missed it since I didn't spend as much time inside as I could have.

Update: - the entire set of photos from the Mets Museum is on Facebook.

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