Sunday, April 18, 2010

3 straight Sundays and watching TBS

Who made this schedule? The Mets play 3 straight Sunday night games, starting with tonight's game. I don't care who the team is, good or bad (on paper or in person), that's bad scheduling by MLB and ESPN. At least the Mets players don't have to travel too far between games (nothing that would make you think a Sunday day game or Monday off day were in order). It means 3 straight weeks of missing The Simpsons and Family Guy and having to DVR them. And it means 3 straight weeks of at least one built-in WFAN must-listen game (this weekend happened to see two of them).

Looking over the schedule, the Mets don't actually play 3 straight Sunday afternoon games until the end of May and the beginning of June. So I have MLB on TBS (no longer the home of the Braves) to keep me going baseball-wise during the afternoon. And I see SNY's own Ron Darling working the game (a little birdie told me he's on tap for each of the next 3 Sundays on TBS), paired with Brewers announcer Brian Anderson (a TBS MLB Playoffs veteran and now a TBS MLB Sunday regular).

This brings me to a question. TBS had an opening for their play-by-play role for Sunday games and the playoffs after Chip Caray was let go after last season. The job is being split between TBS/TNT's Ernie Johnson, an MLB novice, Dick Stockton, an aging MLB novice, and the afore mentioned Brian Anderson. Would Mets fans have minded sharing Gary Cohen with TBS and a national audience for a couple Sundays?. Keep in mind that he, in theory, could work the Sundays that the Mets were on ESPN (hence he wouldn't have a commitment to the Mets game of the day), like the next 3 Sundays. Maybe have Kevin Burkhardt fill in on 2 or 3 other Sundays (remember Kevin did play-by-play for a lot of Spring Training). We could live with that, right? And then he'd be in TBS's rotation for the playoffs (where they need 4 announcers, and have probably 1 opening this year). Maybe he'll make it into the rotation anyway. Maybe Gary's happy having these true off days.

What do you think?

I should note that this is my opinion, and not speculation from any other fan or any media insider.

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