Saturday, April 24, 2010


A few things while watching today's game.

After seeing the infield fly play last night, the near-4th out play on the sac fly today, and Blanco stealing second, I get the feeling that today's game will be won by something unconventional.

It's great listening to Ralph Kiner. Why, when he does work, does he not appear from the top of the broadcast? Today he came on for the bottom of the 2nd. I hope he stays for all 9 (or more?) innings.

I'm trying to redesign the site. It's harder that it looks. The coding aspect of it is not the problem (hey, I'm a pro. seriously). It's creating, choosing, and picking things that I want that I'm no good at. Sorry in advance if I steal design elements from other blogs (take it as a complement).

I'm also trying out something new on the facebook side for my site since I don't trust Networked Blogs to appear in every fan's news feed (subject to hiding 'Remembering Shea') and Facebook's Notes application just doesn't like automatically pulling my posts. It's called Social RSS. If you see this post on your facebook news feed (that it, without clicking over to the Remembering Shea wall), then that's a good thing, and you should please let me know (that may not have been the best grammar). For those afflicted with the same facebook problems, if you like it and it seems to work for you, go ahead and try it yourself.

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