Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ike Davis has been a breath of fresh air

Ike Davis is here! Ike Davis is here! It's only been 2 games. He's played well, not seeming like he's out of place, like some minor league callups can be and have been (which can change, so it's not really an indication of anything). He wears shaving cream well.

He's not the savior of the franchise. At least not now. I'm not expecting him to be one either. But he is a breath of fresh air for this club. He's a guy who basically was not part of the 2006 Playoff failure, the 2007 and 2008 bullpen collapses, and the 2009 injury-plagued season. None of that is in his head. Almost like turning the page.

Last night, Jose Reyes had a breakout game, something that maybe he can build on. That seems like another breath of fresh air. I saw the triple he hit to left, and SNY showed the 2 runners coming home. I didn't even realize that he was on his way to third. That's the dynamic Jose Reyes that we all know and love. I knew it was still there in him. It just had to take time to come out after the time missed in March, and all the time missed last season.

Mike Pelfrey has 3 wins and 1 save - leading the Mets in both. After his mental troubles last season, this is like another breath of fresh air.

With all this fresh air blowing into Queens, let's get a good breeze going here!

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