Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Heading out to Chez

I'm heading out of work in a few minutes to catch the bus to the train to Penn Station to make the 3:49 train out to "Mets-Willets Point", whatever that is. Game number 2 for me at the new ball yard. We'll see if anything is different and if anything is better that the first game. Big Pelf again. My first, and so far only night game scheduled this season.


  1. great game ! was there in the field level section 125..

  2. so far this season, I've seen Pelfrey twice in my two games. both good games. i'd like some diversity though. my next games are when St. Louis comes to town in June, two of four in that series. if i see Pelfrey twice that week, there will be hell to pay!

    Long Island Met Fan, how were the seats in 125?