Thursday, May 7, 2009

Are the Marx Brothers handling Oliver Perez?

Well, it's official. Ollie Perez to the DL. Maybe he'll be shuffled off to Buffalo. Then he has a phantom ice pack on his knee. Oh no, he's ok. He'll just be demoted to the bullpen. Oh wait, they have their stories straight and his knee has been a problem all year going back to Spring Training. So Ollie's on a plane to Port St. Lucie. At least we get Jon Niese up to start Friday.

I am really starting to think Chico Marx is leading the communication. Nobody could mangle the English language like Chico Marx.

The part I wanted to show runs from about 1:30 into the clip to about 4:00, but you could just watch it all. This is from the Marx Brothers movie Monkey Business.