Monday, May 18, 2009

Calling Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard

Oy. This is getting bad. And fast! First, it was Schneider, and then, long ago, it was Pelfrey - thank God that cleared up without costing too much. Then it was an "injury" for Perez. That's being worked on. In the last 8 days, Delgado, Reyes, and now Cora. The 2nd quarter of the Mets season (starting technically this coming weekend) will look nothing like the 1st. A review comes this weekend.

Reyes - at first, we thought it was punishment. But 2 games. 3 games. Oy. 5 games, and the backup shortstop goes down. Not really punishment. Jose, we need you.

Delgado - they should have planned for this one. It's not much of a shock. But the Mets, from the majors to the St. Lucie team, doesn't seem to have a real first baseman who can be called up, so they bring up an outfielder (actually, coming off the DL). If this lack of depth costs them the season, this one's squarely on Omar. I still think with the nagging nature of his injury, before the surgery piece came out, he should have been DL'd a week ago when he re-aggrivated it, allowed to have 2 weeks rest without costing the team a spot on the bench, and then evaluate, instead of sitting for a week and holding down the bench. The end result would have been the same for him, but maybe we'd have an extra pinch hitter to help us in those games. On the flip side, I hear Port St. Lucie is really nice this time of year, and has more Mets stuff in it right now than Citi Field does.

Cora - shit! I was out watching sitcoms and all the sudden, his injury was DL-worthy. We seem to have plenty of middle infielders to call up. Thank God Castillo is healthy and playing well. Let me say that again. Thank God Luis Castillo is healthy and playing well.

Ramon Martinez is back, and if Dodger Stadium was any further away from the airport, he wouldn't be in the starting lineup. 20 minutes before first pitch he arrived. I don't even like being at the park that late. So much for moving the AAA affiliate out of the Pacific Coast League.