Saturday, May 9, 2009

Booster Seats

I was catching up on my reading and came across this paragraph in Newday's Neil Best's column from February 26. Neil is the sports media columnist who also tackles such socially relevant issues as new stadia and ticket sales.
    Some fans have expressed concern about obstructed views from the first row of the promenade level of Citi caused by ribbon boards affixed to the facade, just below the railing.

    "If you're a shorter person it could be an issue," [Mets Executive VP Dave] Howard said, "but we think that can be addressed in some way with booster pads . . . For most adults it should not be an issue, and if it becomes an issue we'll have the means to address it."

This was Dave Howard talking to Neil back in late February. Dave, why don't you meet me at my seat in the second row of the Promenade on Tuesday night and we'll discuss getting a 6'0" adult a booster pad.

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  1. While he's at it.. ask him to put an adult sized high-chair by the Shake Shack for me.