Wednesday, March 4, 2009

World Baseball Classic redeux

I should mention after my post last night on what I think of the WBC that I did attend 2 games in 2006 when they played the first round at the Disney Wide World of Sports complex in Florida (Grapefruit League home to the Atlanta Braves).

Australia (who's uniforms looked a lot like the Oakland Athletics) vs. Italy (who's uniforms and caps looked a lot like the LA Dodgers) - where I saw a lot of Italians attend the game to root for Italy. Piazza was still playing at that point. Not much of a game.

Australia vs. Venezuela - that was something. It was a blowout in favor of Venezuela, and watching their fans really get into the action was probably what the tournament is all about.

New poll question - do you like the WBC, in its current form, taking away from Spring Training, with Spring Training taking away from the WBC?