Tuesday, March 24, 2009

quick update

I haven't blogged in a couple of weeks. I've been very busy with work this month. A few items of note.

  • The skyline from the top of the old Shea right field scoreboard lives on - it will be atop a concession stand at the new ballpark, in centerfield I believe. Seven Train to Shea has a photo and a story about my new favorite concession stand (and thanks to loge13.com for pointing the way). There's also a bit on it from Mets Guy In Michigan.

  • metsgrrl.com also has a photo of the skyline's new home in a very long, detailed post about our new baseball stadium, with lots of photos. The Mets have been taking ticket holders on tours, so there are a lot of reviews coming out now.

  • From what I gathered at the end of Sunday's game, Friday night's Spring Training telecast will have Keith and Ron without adult supervision (no Gary, no Kevin in the booth). That should be very interesting. It's too bad I will be at the game and cannot actually listen to them. Thank goodness for the mlb.tv package so I can get the archived broadcast when I get back to the hotel. If anyone has paid more attention than I to the broadcasts this spring and knows what's up with Friday's game, please share.

  • Team U.S.A. lost in the Semifinals in the WBC. And Joe Morgan made some execellent points on the ESPN broadcasts Saturday and Sunday night that I wish I had a transcript of. Seriously. They were talking about reasons why the tournament is played in the wrong time of year and I think also a bit on why Team U.S.A. couldn't advance further. I could write more on that, but not now, and very quickly, the whole thing will be out of our minds for another couple years.

Maybe I'll have time to write a good post about being at the "Santana Game" with the GaryKeithandRon group at Shea before I leave for Florida on Thursday. And maybe I won't.

I'll try to post photos and my thoughts of the whole Mets team in real time when I see them in Port St. Lucie in person Friday and Saturday, and whatever part of the team I see in Ft. Lauderdale on Sunday.