Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Training vacation Final thoughts

one last thing I forgot to mention about Ft. Lauderdale stadium. It's a dump. I've played at high school fields/stadiums that are nicer than this place. And these facilities are in the northeast, not a southern city where nice weather leads to nice high school stadiums.

it's the 2nd year in a row that I've followed the Mets to a Grapefruit League stadium worthy of being torn down, gotten caught in the rain, and left to catch a flight home (all in the same day).

I already have thoughts on next year. Camp out at Disney for a couple days, with day trips to Clearwater (Phillies), Lakeland (Tigers), Kissimmee (Astros) and Disney (Braves), to get to see a couple good stadiums that I don't get too often, then head down to Port St. Lucie (another new hotel opening soon), Ft. Pierce, Vero Beach, or Palm City (2 new hotels right off I-95) for a week.

Man I miss Dodgertown. For those of you who do miss Dodgertown, maybe seeing these photos will help you knowing that at least one piece lives on. For those unfamiliar with Dodgertown, this guy is a beer vendor (cold water at times today as well) who wears that big hat, and blows a whistle to get people's attention. I've been told (back at Dodgertown) that he would drive up from Ft. Lauderdale 2 hours to work Dodgers games and also worked at Ft. Lauderdale stadium on other days, as well as Marlins at Dolphins Stadium. All the vendors for the Orioles wear an Adam Jones jersey-t-shirt.


  1. Bradendon, where the Pirates play, is pretty much a dump too. Pathetic really.


  2. I've been there. Ft. Lauderdale takes the cake. Even over Dunedin too.