Tuesday, March 31, 2009

this and that

I few items that crossed my eyes and ears tonight.

  • Alex Anthony moves to Citi Field to be the Public Address announcer. He also works (most) Mets games at Tradition Field. He worked Friday in Port St. Lucie, missed Saturday's game, and worked Sunday at Citi Field. It's always good to hear familiar voices, but I'm sure it'll be a bit weird.

  • Howie Rose finally made it down to Florida for one game. The Islanders have a couple days off before Wednesday's game in Washington DC. I'm guessing 5 games for Jiggs McDonald (which really isn't bad for the fans at all) covering for Howie.

  • SNY will have a new look for their Mets broadcasts this season. I read about that here. I saw a promo for Friday's exhibition game at Citi Field, which I'm guessing will be the debut of the new graphics, etc. The promo was a new style (pretty good looking one too) and not the old style that they've used for a couple years up to this spring.

  • After tonight's game on WFAN, the next broadcast of a Mets game anywhere will be Friday night from Citi Field.

I need to make some design improvements, and I really want to post my tales of the final 2 games at Shea before opening day and my photos from Spring Training.