Saturday, January 31, 2009

Shea Stadium Fan Farewell

So much to say. WCBS's report is going to air soon on the 6pm news. This will be the first of at least a few posts on today's event, while I thaw out and organize my pictures and videos.

Major kudos to Chris Swann for pulling this together. It was quite a turnout. I talked to a bunch of fans who came out. I was interviewed for 3 different reports.

More on all of that later, but Chris deserves his own post in my recap of the day.

If you follow the blog, stay tuned throughout the night and maybe even into tomorrow for more on the day. I'll update this post with links to my other posts and posts from other blogs on today.

Nice work Chris, and don't forget about all the other goodies on (MeiGray warehouse, walking on the warning track, and more).

I expect to see some articles from the New York Times, New York Post, Newsday on Sunday, as well as finding links and video clips from WCBS TV and I heard WWOR Channel 9 was there as well as SNY - the recaps from the media will be on this page.


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  2. Thanks a lot for the kudos.
    Great job with the Meigray pics you told me about. I made a point to check them out while I was doing my own thawing out before.

    Again, thanks for the post, all the support, and for helping report on this/getting the word out. We'll surely get something together for Opening Day.

    Keep up the great work!

  3. Stay tuned. I have some video of us singing "Meet the Mets" and chanting "Lets Go Mets". I also got some good photos from the Subway platform looking over the former right field area.

  4. Chris - I like that the profile picture you're using on Blogger is a shot from WCBS's report from today.

  5. HaHa yep, that's the one. Cheesy or not, I had to do it - lol

  6. great video. I couldnt not believe the turn out!