Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Training Trip 2010 - Day 11

This is the final post in my series of posts recapping my daily experiences at Spring Training 2010.

Game 13 - Mets vs Cardinals @ Port St. Lucie
My last day in camp began with an early morning walk from my hotel down to the entrance to the practice fields. That takes about 17 minutes to accomplish. I got there at around 9:15am to find out that the gates won't be opening at 9:30am like we normally expect, but instead, the players will report to work at 11am and the gates won't open at all. The ballpark itself opens up at 11am. Good. 2 hours to kill. About 15 minutes of it was spent at the team store, and the rest walking around the tables set up for processing people for the Blood Drive at the ballpark this morning.

Inside after the park opened, it was more of the same. Hurry up and wait for possibly something, possibly nothing. Gary Cohen came by my end of the dugout (outfield side) and stopped for a minute or two. Today, it was mostly nothing. When the players finally did come out, Gary Mathews, Jr. signed for about 2 minutes and Nelson Figueroa signed also. For Matthews, I couldn't get down the line to get him in time - Each time I get a spot up close, the ticket holder comes and you have to move back. Then the kids get in and get priority. It's hard to argue with those. There is no line up the aisle for security/safety. I skipped Figgy because I already have him. So it ends with my last autograph, and my only one from my last weekend in Port St. Lucie, being Gary Cohen autograph. Not a bad one to get, but I'd rather have that program littered with player's autographs.

For the game, I had what some people I've talked to call "the best seats in the house". It's hard to argue with them. 2 rows back from the concourse, right on home plate. A few season ticket holders sit in that row. Great view of the game, the people walking/standing in front aren't in the way, and you're in the shade all day from that large overhang. I usually stop in front and take pictures, but today I got 6 innings worth.

For the game, well, let's skip that. Pelfrey didn't have it today. This is really starting to scare me. I think the job description for Mets Pitching Coach should include the credentials for a psychologist. Mets lose 10-5, hit up all day long.

The Mets finished 2-5 in my presence with 1 rainout. I'll give a prediction on the regular season in another week.

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