Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Training Trip 2010 - Day 10

First, a note aside from the game. It was Gary Keith and Ron bobblehead day. GEICO sponsored it. Lynn Cohen and a small staff from were also on hand selling a small selection of t-shirts outside of no-name stadium, including one or two new designs, along with a few other items on the table. They also took part in the day's raffle with the prize being a GKR t-shirt autographed by the 3 of them. On the facebook page, I posted a picture from the table as s riddle for my readers.

It was also my first time at the stadium since the naming rights changed hands to (Digital Domain Park). The biggest changes aside from literal references and the logo on the scoreboard's video screen were the removal of every single reference to the name "Tradition Field", starting with "Tradition Field Sports Complex" sign below (I don't know how much of this had been done in time for Wednesday's game since I wasn't there; the picture was from Tuesday), except for the one on the mural on the press box/suite facade.

Game 12 - Nationals vs Mets @ Port St. Lucie
No autographs today. I knew it had to happen eventually, and it happened today. I don't care about it as much though. The back fields were open a little before 9:30am, I saw gym class, I went to watch the minor leaguers while the big club split into a pitcher/catcher fielding drill on one field and the hitters went to the stadium to hit. It looked like there were 3 minor league intra-squad games going on. I have no real idea what the teams were, or why some players wear white while others wear gray (it wasn't a division of who played on each team in these games, nor did it look like positions). Update, from, St. Lucie 2, Savannah 1 was the score and teams in one of the games.

Into the stadium and the Nationals were on the field taking BP and later a little pre-game infield drilling. Nothing really going on. I was talking with some friends rather than sitting quietly listening to the usher tell people to stay out of the aisle while nothing was going on by the Mets dugout. During the last pre-game stretching, it was more of the same. I didn't see anyone come out to sign at all.

For the game, well, it's good to be back with the Mets after the break. Takahashi started (not the Takahashi from last year). 3 innings, hit up a bit, 1 run in the 2nd, 3 in the 3rd, and the Mets were down. Wright had 2 run scoring hits early on to keep the Mets in it (good to see him stepping up - maybe he overheard me the other day being overly critical of him). Castillo hit a 3 run homer in the 7th to give the Mets the lead, but it couldn't be held. Kiko Calero pitched the 10th and gave up a 2 run homer, and was pulled after a walk. Mets lose 7-5 in 10 innings.

One more game to go, and I'm glad I don't have to sit through another attempt by Oliver Perez (inserting in Takahashi pushes Pelfrey back to tomorrow). I won't begin to guess much on the rotation and the actual order of pitchers other than Johan Santana pitching on Opening Day.

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