Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I'll make it official. I owe you a redesign, and some static "pages" for things like multimedia and "about me". I want to integrate the multimedia on this site with the facebook page, but that may come later.

If you read this blog and are on facebook, you should become a fan of the site (if you aren't already), by clicking here, or on the facebook button on the right side. I do post statuses on facebook that don't appear on the website. Also, we have some good discussions in the post comments (comments and discussions are welcome here too). The facebook page is up to 145 fans.

If you are a fan, a follower, or just a reader, and you have a Mets blog, please check 2 things - is the blog listed on this site in the blogroll (that list is sorted by the most recent post); and if your blog/site has a facebook page, is it listed as a "favorite" on my blog's facebook page? Let me know if I'm missing your blog in either place (When I become a fan of another Mets blog, I add it as a favorite page on facebook, and when I find or get sent a link to a new Mets blog, I add it to the blogroll here and to my feed reader).

I also have almost 1500 blog posts from Mets fans, Mets beat writers, and to read (on their sites). I fell very far behind before I left for Florida, and I haven't done very well catching up while I've been here. I hope to be all caught up by Opening Day.

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