Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's been almost a week since I watched a Mets game

Yes, it has been 6 nights since I watched a Mets game. It just seems weird. Very weird. Where were they? Where was I? I've actually watched and listened to 1 televised game in the past 9 days (and had one other on in the background while meeting some other Mets fans last week). After that unassisted triple play, they had 3 day games last week, I was at work and had to listen, and that seems like a very long time ago. They had games in Chicago, and I was in Boston, New Hampshire, and then Maine. Then they were off.

I started getting used to NOT having to watch the Mets. Sorry Gary, Keith, and Ron. I like you guys, but the break was good. Now that it's September, I'll be looking for distractions from the Mets. Is it worth watching? The U.S. Open is this week and next, and I'll be there all day Friday when the Mets come home again. Hockey games will be on TV starting the week after that. Just a few, but it's a change. LET'S GO DEVILS! A new season of primetime network television comes later in September, officially the 64th.

The Mets have to fight for my attention.

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