Thursday, September 10, 2009

MLB Productions

As I flip between the Mets (playing through the mist), Tennis (now in a weather delay), and some crappy music thing that's supposed to be NFL Football, I came across this non-Mets item.

MLB Productions in Secauscus, NJ, is naming their different studios (like where This Week In Baseball is taped) after legendary broadcasters Ernie Harwell, Mel Allen, and Vin Scully. Read about it here.

All great broadcasters who's careers span almost the entierty of broadcasting. Allen came to the Yankees and Giants in the summer of 1939 to broadcast home games. Harwell started with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1948 and moved to the NY Giants for 1950-1953 (still alive and retired at age 91, he was recently diagnosed with incurable cancer). Vin Scully, the "kid" of the group, has been with the Dodgers since 1950 and still calls home games and short (distance-wise) road trips (nothing east of the Rockies).

I can't think of anyone else more deserving of that honor. Can you?

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